Service Team
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Customs clearance department: Work on clearance and inspection in most of China Custom.
Commerce Department: Confirm the charge with shipping company and other agents.
Finance Department: Accounts Group, bills of lading management group, charge-back management group, complete the billing, accounts receivable write-offs, back orders, bills of lading, etc.
Administration Department: File the document, and oversee the implementation of cultural propaganda, communicate with outside of company.
Marketing: Sales dep.are made up by Ningbo, Shanghai, Yiwu and Shenzhen, specialize in serving for Clients all over China and the world with logistics solutions..
Customer Service: To provide customers the sea freight, air freight and import every step of the details of services
VIP Customer Service: Lead by general manager directly to serve the VIP customers.
Now the marketing system is made up a marketing department, Ministry of Commerce (shipping companies to coordinate outreach), an independent customer service platform auxiliary support departments together to form, are now providing professional logistics service to over 1000 customers.